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Diaper discipline is controversial. It is not a punishment for everyone. What works for one family does not always work for another. It may be controversial, but I think it is good to discuss it. This is basically a Pro-Punishment group. This is not a fetish or AB/DL group.

Is this Abuse? There are alot of things that are abusive to children.
  e.g excessive spankings, frequent screaming, given them ritalin for "poor grades" etc.
A kid in diapers is relatively safe. We want to encourage people to talk about their views on this.

      What this site is about:
  • Effective discipline & punishments
  • Discussions with other like-minded parents
  • Mananging your childs behaviour.
  • Finding diaper & related suppliers.

  What is diaper discipline?
In simplest terms Diaper Discipline is a behavior management program for your kids. There is no set age for this to start. Children require a degree of protection from the world. Much rebelliousness is defensive. To curb, this a substitute protection is provided, that protection is a diaper. You may laugh and think it would never work, but it does work when it is done in a loving home with both parents participating. The child must use the diapers for their intended purpose and the parents need to be the ones to change the diapers. Remember try to get children attention from parents.

      What this site is NOT about:
  • AB/DL related topics
  • Any fetish related topics
  • Pictures of children in diapers
  • Flame & abusive posts

  "what does the child have to do to deserve this?"
That is one of the first questions asked by parents considering diaper discipline. The answer is continued behavioral problems. Diaper Discipline isn't designed as a punishment, but a plan for a behavioral change. The plan was designed to be used before parents loose control of their children.

  Starting with your children
Well, the initial few weeks are the roughest. It is best if you can start when you have time to closely supervise the child. Summer vacations are ideal. Information on where to get diapers are on the resources page.